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Project Results
International Projects
Domestic Projects
Past Case Studies
International Projects
Project Client Results and Output Activities
Marketing and Partnership Strategy

(Japan Entry)
American Contents Service Provider
  • Developed effective marketing strategy
  • Supported investment decision-making
  • Supported search of potential alliances
  • Conducted in-depth research to understand consumer needs and market potential
  • Identified priority segments to target
  • Developed a marketing strategy with the optimal methods to best reach each target segment
  • Estimated future profitability and ROI
  • Evaluated and prioritized possible alliances
Marketing and Sales Strategy

(Japan Entry)
American Financial Business Service
  • Developed effective marketing strategy
  • Created specific sales tools catered to each target segment
  • Conducted research of competing services offered in Japan
  • Developed a thorough understanding of the differences in user needs between Japan and the United States
  • Identified priority segments to target and developed marketing strategy including effective methods of approaches for each
Sales Strategy

(Japan Entry)
Leading European Insurance Company
  • Developed comprehensive sales strategy
  • Conducted research of the Japanese business environment with regard to the customers, competitors, and available channels
  • Ran various simulations based on acquired data to determine profitability
Business Content Development and M&A Strategy

(Japan Entry)
Successful American Website Service
  • Determined overall theme of the website contents to be offered
  • Supported the decision of M&A targets
  • Developed understanding of the underlying differences in consumer psychology between Japan and the United States
  • Evaluated and prioritized potential targets for M&A
Portfolio Strategy

(Japan Market)
Multinational Media and Entertainment Firm
  • Established a new business concept
  • Redeveloped the marketing strategy
  • Determined a new area of service from the market opportunities and client strengths
  • Created a new service concept
Marketing Strategy

(Targeting Overseas Customers)
Major Japanese Commercial Complex
  • Developed comprehensive marketing strategy targeting customers of a neighboring Asian country
  • Conducted thorough qualitative and quantitative research to understand the consumer mindset and behaviors of the target country
  • Developed a strong message and considered the effective promotional mix to approach the target
Marketing Strategy and Business Development

(Overseas Expansion from Japan)
Japanese Restaurant Chain
  • Developed overall marketing strategy for market expansion into the United States
  • Decided on the store concept and locations for expansion
  • Developed the product/menu lineup
  • Conducted thorough research and anlaysis to understand American consumer behavior
  • Evaluated product and menu options through various methods including customer surveys, interviews, and test markets
Promotional Strategy for Tourism

(Targeting Japanese Consumers)

Tourism Organization of Major U.S. City
  • Developed and organized the launch of large-scale promotional campaign targeting Japanese tourists
  • Conducted research to understand the level of awareness and the impression that Japanese people had about the U.S. city
  • Identified the travel related needs and behavior of the Japanese people
  • Determined effective methods of approach and supported their implementation
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Domestic Projects
Project Client Results and Output Activities
Growth/Marketing Strategy Major Distributor
  • Developed a revised competitive strategy
  • Improved revenues and market share through complete reform of store policies
  • Conducted thorough investigation of the relationship between customer needs and their actions
  • Reexamined the entire store concept
Major Consumer Goods Firm
  • Developed a strategy for growth
  • Established a marketing organization
  • Segmented customers by the most effective variables
  • Developed understanding of the drivers behind customer activities
  • Conducted research of the core competencies within the firm
Competitive Strategy Mega-bank
  • Developed a long-term strategy based on industry prediction simulations
  • Predicted the future industry structure
  • Developed strategies to succeed for each possible scenario
  • Established new organizational structures to operate under respective scenarios
Snack Foods Manufacturer
  • Redeveloped local and competitive strategies
  • Developed action plan for revenue and market share growth
  • Evaluated revenue potential based on each location and the required resources
  • Prioritized the locations for both short and long term strategies
Portfolio Strategy Major Food Business
  • Reorganized the business portfolio
  • Achieved short term revenue growth
  • Distinguished between areas to strengthen and areas to withdraw from in business portfolio
  • Developed action plan to win market share in key areas
M&A Strategy Consumer Goods Manufacturer
  • Performed due diligence for the purchase of a consumer goods manufacturer
  • Performed financial due diligence regarding the value of the business and profitability
  • Performed business due diligence regarding the business model
  • Evaluated risks and potential for growth
Nonbank Financial Institution
  • Arranged sale between a nonbank and foreign-owned financial institution
  • Calculated of the firm's value and sales price
  • Established a sales scheme
  • Structured the deal
  • Supported the negotiations regarding the sale
Organizational Strategy Pharmaceutical Company
  • Organized the sales force
  • Initiated the transformation of the corporate culture
  • Reorganized human resources efficiently based on the target customers and product characteristics
  • Switched the sales force organization from the traditional area-based to a new product-based structure
  • Transformed the corporate culture through the hiring of contract-based sales personnel
Consumer and Heavy Electronics Manufacturer
  • Established performance evaluation standards (VBM/KPI)
  • Established a model for calculation of the firm's value
  • Determined value drivers for the generation of added value
  • Established goals and measurements of performance in accordance with the value drivers
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