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About us
What is M-theory Inc.?
Company profile
President & Representative Director
Representative Director
Katsuyuki Tochimoto   
BA in Political Science, Waseda University (Tokyo, Japan)
MBA, University of Chicago, Booth School of Business

Mr. Tochimoto began his career as a credit analyst at Fuji Bank (currently Mizuho Bank), after which he entered the field of consulting at Bain & Company and later Boston Consulting Group. After working as an independent consultant, he assumed the Managing Director position at Monitor Group's Tokyo office, where he offered his expertise in the fields of corporate strategy, marketing strategy, organizational reform, M&As, and partnership strategy to both domestic and overseas clients. In October of 2003, he founded his own consulting firm, M-theory Inc. . He has published various articles on marketing and corporate finance.

Guest professor of marketing and strategy at Chuo University Graduate School.
Core member
Tomoki Sugiyama   
B.S. in Computer Science, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Mr. Sugiyama began his career at IBM Business Consulting Services. He has experienced consulting projects in a variety of industries including finance, informations and communications, electricity, steel, consumer goods, and food, covering themes ranging from strategic scenario development, business strategy, sales strategy, database marketing, and value chain reconstruction.
Hideo Kakuta   

MS in Engineering, Keio University
Mr. Kakuta began his career at Boston Consulting Group, then founded his own company prior to joining M-theory. He has conducted projects for various clients, including those in manufacturing, consumer goods, and the service industry. He has considerable expertise in overall corporate strategy, as well as growth strategy, business strategy, new business development, implementation support, and M&As.
Senior Advisor
Shinichi Sugimoto   
BA in Commerce, Hitotsubashi University
Mr. Sugimoto has over twenty years of consulting experience through his career at Boston Consulting Group and Monitor Group. He served as the head of the Tokyo Office of Prophet Japan, developing brand strategy for a wide range of client corporations. He founded Bonafide COnsulting in May 2007, and has supported M-theory in various strategy consulting projects as a senior advisor.
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