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Project Approach
Process Prior to
Project Launch
Process After
Project Launch
Prior to Project Launch
At M-theory, we provide customized project proposals to resolve any management issues faced by our clients, through careful communication prior to the project launch.
By following such a customized proposal process, it is possible for us to determine the optimal approach to resolve the root of the problem, to promote smooth implementation of the project, and to propose feasible and convincing solutions as a partner of our client.
Process: From Inquiry to Project Launch
Inquiry Please contact us to inquire about your management issues, or to communicate any concerns regarding the possible solutions.
Discussion A discussion meeting will be held between your company and M-theory consultants, in order to share information and to clarify any existing or potential issues.
Project Proposal We will submit a project proposal including the project objective, issues and approaches, expected output, implementation structure, and budget.
Project Agreement After discussing further based on the project proposal, the final details will be agreed upon.
Project Launch The project will be launched after formally signing the agreement
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